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RMF(Ring Mian Fuse-switch combination)

 * Typical uses
 - Simple outdoor substation, customer transfer substations and 
    distribution substationsIndustrial plants and underground stations

* Highly Reliability
 - At atmospheric gas pressure, it ensure the rated insulation and interruption capabilities.
 - Pure puffer techniques, no leakage current path between open contacts.
 - Switchgear vessel made of stainless steel
 - Maintenance-free concept
 - SF6 gas insulation and interruption.
 - Sealed pressure system
 - Climate-independent

* Safety
 - Operation interlock with manual shutter
 - Safe-to-touch and hermetically sealed enclosure
 - HV parts are only accessible when outgoing feeders are earthed
 - Overpressure relief device
 - Pad lock
 - Easy installstion and operation
 - The speed of close/open is independent of the speed of lever movement.