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Low Voltage Power Capacitor-Oil Type

Capacitor-Oil Type

* Application
  Capacitors are intended for the improvement of Power Factor in low voltage power networks.
  Used advanced technology consists of metallized PP film with extremely low loss factor and
  dielectric system is self-healing.
  The dielectric system is self-healing and biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  The capacitors have overpressure protection to disconnect it from the supply in the event of
  internal failure and at the end of its operational life.
  The construction described above and the use of high quality materials ensure reliability and longevity.
  Capacitor benefits to      • Improve Power Factor
                                            • Reduce Line Losses
                                           • Decrease Voltage Drop
 Through that it helps greater Energy Efficiency

* Product Scope
- Power Range 0.2kvar to 150kvar
- Voltage Range 220V to 1000V
- Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
- Applicable Standards IEC, AISI / IEEE, NEMA